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Hymenoplasty FAQ

Will I bleed during a sexual intercourse after hymenoplasty?

After hymenoplasty, bleeding is present in the way it is with a natural hymen.

How will sexual intercourse feel after Hymen repair, Hymenoplasty?

Once you've fully recovered, sexual intercourse may feel the same as when your hymen was first ruptured. Some bleeding will occur and you may feel discomfort.

How old do I need to be?

Women need to be at least 18 years of age in order to proceed with hymenoplasty at İstanbul Mitera Clinic.

When is a good time to undergo Hymenoplasty in İstanbul hospitals  and clinics?

Hymen repair can be performed at any time. Cosmetic  gynecologic surgery effectively repairs the hymen years after it has ruptured, or even shortly after.

When is it possible to have sexual intercourse after a hymenoplasty operation?

After 15 days minimum, the time for the tissues to start healing.

Can any family member be informed about the hymen surgery?

No. Medical confidentiality is absolute. No one except you will be able to access your medical file. The surgeon is not allowed to give any information concerning your medical file to a third party, irrespective of the relationship.

Will anyone be able to tell that I had my hymen repaired?

No, the surgery leaves no scars.

Are there any risks associated with the hymen repair surgery?

The operation carries few risks. However any operation carries a small risk of bruising, infection, disjunction, local sensivity troubles, usually temporary. Hymen repair is usually a very complicated-free surgery. Swelling and bleeding can also occur.

What are the results of hymen tightening surgery in turkey mitera clinic?

Once healed, the hymen will be in a state similar to what it was before being ruptured. There are usually no signs of having had the surgery.

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