Women Sexual Health

Sexuality is a part of every woman's life. All of our bodies have the potential to feel physical excitement and pleasure.

Some women choose never to be sexually active, but most women explore their sexual desires in some way, at some point in their lives. Having the freedom to choose how to express yourself sexually (or how not to) is an important part of a woman's sexual health.

Sexual health also means understanding your body and how it works. Women who understand their bodies can make better choices about the sexual activities that they enjoy. They can also choose to become pregnant or they can choose to avoid it.

Being knowledgeable about sexually transmitted infections can help women protect themselves and their partners from disease.

Understanding your body is an important part of sexual health, but sexual health also involves being comfortable with yourself and your sexual desires. It means having healthy relationships with others.

Sexual health can also mean learning to identify and leave violent or abusive relationships and learning to cope with the after effects of such relationships.

Symptoms and Complications of Female Sexual Dysfunction

Women who do not enjoy satisfying sexual experiences with their partners often report the following:

lack of sexual desire (low libido)
inability to attain an orgasm
pain or other distress during penile penetration
an inability to fantasize about sexual situations
indifference to, or repulsion by, having sex
feelings of fear or anger towards their partners

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