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Abortion means the deliberate induction of a miscarriage.  Abortion is one of the safest and most common types of surgery in Turkey.

However, all surgery carries a degree of risk. Some of the complications of abortion can include infection, damage to parts of the reproductive system and excessive bleeding.

Preparing for  abortion

Always check with your clinic, but general instructions before undergoing an abortion include:
 Don’t eat, drink or smoke for six hours before the operation.
Allow for at least one hour at the clinic.
 Bring sanitary pads, your referral letter, blood group card, Medicare card and any health care card.
Arrange for someone to drive you home.

Anaesthetic for abortion

Most women prefer general anaesthetic. All types of anaesthesia require fasting for five hours beforehand. This means no food or drink, not even water. The range of anaesthetic choices includes:
• general anaesthetic
• local anaesthetic
• intravenous sedation

Method of abortion

Most abortions are performed using what is called suction aspiration. The woman needs to be in her first trimester  of pregnancy, which means 10 weeks pregnant or less.

The cervix opening is widened with rods of increasing size and a tube is then inserted into the uterus. The fetus and placenta are vacuumed out. The uterus is then scraped with an instrument called a curette to make sure that no products remain behind. This operation takes less than 10 minutes.

Complications of  abortion

Estimates vary, but complications can occur in around three per cent of cases. The risk of complications greatly depends on gestational length (length of the pregnancy), since abortions performed in the first trimester of pregnancy are the safest. Another major safety factor is the doctor’s level of experience and training. Complications of abortion can include:
• Haemorrhage
• Injury to the uterus
• Injury to the cervix
• Infection

After the surgical abortion

Be guided by your clinic. Generally, post-operative suggestions to reduce the risk of infection include (for the two weeks following the procedure):
• Shower instead of taking a bath.
• Don’t have sexual intercourse.
• Use sanitary pads instead of tampons.
• Don’t go swimming.
When to seek medical advice

See your abortion doctor immediately if:

• your bleeding becomes heavy
• you run a fever
• you experience severe cramping or abdominal (tummy) pain.
These symptoms could indicate an infection.

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