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After marriage, if the couple could not have a baby in one year time although they desired, this is called infertility. Its frequency is 15% among the families.

Since the woman gives birth to the baby, in the case of infertility always she is blamed. Even more, she was treated like a desert without a tree, or a river dried. But these kinds of accusations to a woman, who cannot give birth are not right. She does not deserve these at all.

Even in history, similar charges are made to the woman, who cannot deliver a baby. These are also seen in legend stories as well.

By the technical developments in the medical field, reasons and answers of many problems were clarified. If the couple could not have a child, the responsible of this may be either the man or the woman. Even in 40% of the cases, both of the man and the woman may have a problem at the same time.

Left fallopian tube and uterus
are adhesed to each other.
Endometriosis is seen on
the posterior face of uterus.

The ovary of a women
age of more than 35 years of age.

Today, if the couple could not conceive a pregnancy in one year, they have to see a doctor together. And the reason for the infertility should be investigated for the woman as well as for the man.

If the woman is younger than 18 years of age, the laboratory investigation should not be done, and the doctor should wait till she is 18 years old. But the procedure should be started if the couple could not conceive the pregnancy in one year.

Lipid degeneration
on the fallopian tubes
due to tuberculosis.

Adhesions on the ovary.
There is fimosis on the fallopian tube, so even it is open it cannot work properly, cannot catch
the ovum from ovary.

There are 4 cardinal tests for the infertile couples. Sperm counting for the man, coital test for woman, ovulation tests and investigating if the fallopian tubes are open.

The spermiogram for the man should be done after 3-5 days of having no sex. If this test is done earlier, the sperm count may be low; if it is done after 5 days, the death sperm number may be high.

In a normal spermiogram, the volume should be 2-5ml, the sperm count should be more than 20million, with 50% normal and 50% motile.

To understand the sufficiency of the ovaries of the woman, especially for the women older than 35 years of age, in the 2nd or 3rd days of the menstrual cycle, FSH, estrogen and inhibin hormones should be investigated. If these hormones are high, then it can be concluded that the success rate will be low.

The radiologic evaluation of the uterus should be held and the inside should be visualized. If this is not done, then the whole investigation procedure is not complete. If the fallopian tubes are normal and open, the pregnancy can be conceived 15-20% in 3 months after this procedure. This has to be considered without applying any treatment.

If there are any problems or if the doctor has a doubt, laparoscopy should be done.

Laparoscopy is a procedure, in which a lighted camera is inserted through umbilical hole to visualize the genital organs. It is a very important method.
Laparoscopy should not be done only for diagnostic purposes. If pathology is seen, it has to be treated at the same time.

The treatment protocol cannot be organized without completing these procedures. Because the reason cannot be clarified yet. If the treatment protocol is organized only by physical examination, this will lead to time and money consumption only without any result.

The treatment of male infertility is more difficult, and may require a longer time.

If there are problems in the fallopian tubes, the treatment choice should be microsurgery. The women, who are not treated by microsurgery should be treated by assisted reproductive techniques.


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